SyntHuman, a Jorian mix. Listen.

i am not a robot (starsmith’s 24 carat remix) - marina and the diamonds | point of disgust - low | a sadness runs through him - the hoosiers | animal - the cab | the chemicals between us - bush | we don’t have normal lives - freezepop | between breaths - blaqk audio | hearing damage - thom yorke | modern world - wolf parade | you know me - air traffic controller | circuits and wires - motion city soundtrack | i’ll remember you - sophie zelmani

The University of Minnesota’s Minnesota Daily ran an article claiming that fanfiction has revolutionized literature. “Fan fiction is a perfectly competitive industry into which anyone, regardless of age, sex, or economic status, can enter and in which anyone can prosper…Ours, then, will be the first generation in history to have a durable literature written by the common individual. Until extremely recently, authors were predominantly rich, educated males with leisure time to write and enough money to be published…Fan fiction, for better or worse, will one day be studied alongside Homer and Dickens…Historians will be able to look back on our time and see the interests of everyone, not just a select minority.”